Head of Systems Practice
Over the past twenty years, Rob Badenoch has cultivated a multidisciplinary expertise in audiovisual, acoustics, and converged systems design. His experience spans a wide array of vertical markets including cultural, education, corporate, government/military, hospitality, and healthcare. He brings to TAD a specialized skillset that includes expertise in acoustical modeling, auralization, intelligibility prediction and measurement, broadcast video production systems, large venue sound systems design, and systems calibration. He balances these technical skills with a strong proficiency in client management and communication and takes pride in his ability to illustrate technical topics to non-technical audiences.

Rob graduated from Lehigh University with a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Architecture and is a member of the Audio Engineering Society and Syn-Aud-Con. He balances his design efforts at TAD with sound and video production work in New York City theater and music venues, thus maintaining a direct connection to the needs of facility users and performers.

Rob Badenoch