Logicians Corner

A place to meet the experts, see a demo, and have 1:1 technical discussions. 

The Logicians Corner made its debut in 2019 and was the hot spot for technical conversations and networking. In 2020 and 2021 the Logicians Corner went virtual and for 2022 we look forward to bringing it back in-person while maintaining the Virtual Logicians Corner.  See all topics below:

Best Practices for Achieving Business Value
Build a Realization Plan
Driving Superior Business Value
Put Numbers to Business Outcomes
Adopting SaaS – Unlock Growth
Help Me Help You
Outside The Box With The SDK
ScienceLogic Partner Connect
ScienceLogic Pathfinders: Help Shape ScienceLogic's Future
Supporting Customers Best
The SL1 Platform
User Experience
Ways to Secure Your SL1 Deployment
Journey to AIOps
ML-Driven Anomaly Detection, Correlation & Business Services
Rapid Root Cause Analysis
Making IT Work Flow--Faster. Easier.
Connected Ecosystem & Partner Solutions
SL1 + Restorepoint: Managing Network Change
Work Smarter: Automate Workflows
Monitoring and Observability
Apps and Observability
Hybrid Cloud Monitoring