Celebrating Our Customers' Outstanding Success and Innovation

At last, we reveal the dreamers, those nerdy by nature, and the ones who have showcased their brilliance and innovative spirits among our Pathfinders community. 

The ScienceLogic Innovators Awards celebrate some of the best and brightest SL1 customers for designing and delivering innovative solutions using ScienceLogic to power their business and/or their customers’ success.  

The awards are open to all customers and partner organizations to share smart and transformative ideas and best practices among our ScienceLogic community. 

Participation Criteria 

  • Be a current ScienceLogic customer or partner with a live SL1 deployment 

  • Have a compelling transformation story  

  • Agree to enroll in our Pathfinders Program 

  • Agree to the use of company name and logo in ScienceLogic social and digital channels 

Congratulations to our 2022 Innovators Awards Winners!

This year’s winners have been busy focusing on creative ways to build automations that have streamlined manual labor, increased efficiencies, and provided better operational savvy for their business and their customers’ businesses. 

Winners are selected based on ingenuity and on business and operational impact .

Christie Montgomery

Director, Product Management for CX Engineering

Khurram Seraj

Global Platform Lead

In the culmination of an 18-year ambition, Cisco Managed Services has enabled end-to-end network visibility and automated intelligence-driven correlation and remediation to deliver a better user experience for their enterprise clients. With visibility, event correlation, and workflow automation enabled by SL1, they developed automated steps to diagnose and resolve the most commonly occurring problems across the client base. This innovative solution, Virtual Engineer, frees their engineers to work on innovation instead of manual, repetitive tasks. 

Since July 2021, Virtual Engineer has evaluated over 1 million tickets 

  • 20% were fully automated without intervention 

  • 25% were enriched to expedite resolution by a human engineer 

  • Greatly reduced MTTR from an average of 3 hours and 56 minutes to 4 minutes per incident 

Douglas James (DJ)


Nicolai Kildal

Senior Automation Architect

Daniel Oddershede


Jesper Lose

Automation Architect

Rene Iversen

Automation Architect

A market-leading managed service provider in Denmark, NetDesign is on a mission: they are pursuing a continuous improvement strategy to make their IT processes, fast, efficient, and automated for their customers. They’ve built automated workflows to speed up deployment of new services and technology, collect and enrich more accurate CMDB data, and deliver a more efficient approach to onboarding new wireless access points. 

NetDesign’s culture of working smarter, not harder, has yielded significant business outcomes through intelligent automation 

  • Saved 540+ hours/per year in manual labor 
  • Sped up customer onboarding 
  • Empowered internal teams to drive better results 

Elliot Levinson

Product Director, TAD.monitor

Rob Badenoch


Head of Systems Practice

Catering to Facilities, Operations, and Real Estate departments, TAD Associates is an architectural AV design firm focused on marrying technology with human experience. The hybrid workforce has propelled the greatest change management challenges of a generation in the workplace. Limited visibility across systems, poor user experiences, and rapidly changing technology drove TAD Associates to develop a unique methodology. Tad.monitor leverages SL1 to build dynamic applications, monitor a myriad of AV devices and end points, and deliver a more modern approach to data and space utilization visibility for both enterprises at scale and individual users. 

For one example use case,  

  • TAD increased video conference availability from 85% to 98%  

  • Reduced network traffic by 20% 

  • Optimized infrastructure utilization to deliver better customer experiences 

Monika Gupta

Senior Engineer

Serving a very large national railway client, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) identified an opportunity to improve availability SLA reporting. Existing availability reporting required a highly manual and error-prone process involving review of data across 3000 servers and 300+ applications. With potential to impact availability SLAs and negatively impact the teams' productivity due to hours of manual verification of the data, TCS developed a complex PHP script, leveraging SL1 data, to provide more efficient and accurate SLA reporting. 

TCS is now connected to every monitoring tool in their environment through SL1  

  • Providing 100% accuracy in its availability reporting data 

  • Saving 22-man hours per month ($6k) 

  • Increasing adoption across of the report among numerous TCS teams 

Robert Gruener

Senior Domain Architect

Telstra wanted to meet customer expectations for a quicker, simpler, and more accurate onboarding process. Their goal is to ultimately achieve zero-touch onboarding for SD-WAN technologies and remove all manual on-boarding SL1 interactions regardless of the technology. They invested in automation with SL1. To simplify complexities across various platforms, Telstra created a cross-platform automation solution with a common codebase and shared libraries that allows automations to be freely developed and deployed across: SL1 PowerFlow workflows and RunBook automations, Ansible playbooks, and Telstra’s Python platform and command-line scripts. 

As a result of their work  

  • Tripled the number of engineers involved in writing automation 

  • Cut Python development time and writing supporting documentation by 75% 

  • Reduced functional testing time by 60% 

  • Reduced onboarding time and costs for their customers 

ScienceLogic believes in highlighting those customers at the forefront of innovation. With accelerated digital transformation in complex environments, we recognize our customers and partners who have demonstrated unique ways to modernize, automate, and improve customer and employee experiences. The accomplishments of our Pathfinders Innovators Award winners are a testament to their achieving organizational success through the innovative use of the SL1 platform.

-Dave Repczynzski, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience, ScienceLogic

Look out for our next awards signups in 2023. 

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