Logicians Corner

A place to meet the experts, see a demo, and have 1:1 technical discussions. 

The Logicians Corner made its debut in 2019 and was the hot spot for technical conversations and networking around 14 additional topics. In 2020 the Logicians Corner went virtual and for 2021 we look forward to elevating the virtual experience, allowing you to have one-on-one conversations with ScienceLogic engineers and product experts making the range of topics covered throughout Symposium limitless.

2020 Topics

Agent-Based Server Monitoring

Application Monitoring & APM Integrations

BYO Automations with SL1

Dashboards, Devices & Events

Getting to Know the New UI

Improving the System Experience: Single-step Upgrades, System Updates & Backups

Machine Learning (ML) to Accelerate Root Cause Analysis

Making PowerPacks Easy

New Discovery Workflows

Service Health & Behavioral Correlation

SL1 Architecture - The Road Ahead

SL1 & ServiceNow: Insider Tips & Tricks

SL1 Simplified Deployment

Support – Help Me Help You

Support – Knowledge is Power, Empower Yourself!

Using ScienceLogic to Manage Public & Private Clouds