Featured Keynotes

Waddaah Keirbeck, Global CTO

A Fin-Tech Growth Story that Capitalized on Tools Transformation

Waddaah Keirbeck, Global CTO of FleetCor is a long-time executive who’s witnessed the explosive growth from a small private company to today’s $27B public-company in just over a decade.  FleetCor is widely-recognized as one of the strongest performing fin-tech companies in the entire stock market.  Waddaah will share his experience working through over 60+ acquisitions and driving expansion from domestic shores to global markets.  He’ll focus on how he was able to transform the customer experience from tools transformation initiatives and what it takes to achieve high-levels of automation.

How to Scale a Mountain: A NOAA Fisheries Story

NOAA Fisheries is responsible for the stewardship of the nation’s ocean resources and their habitat. Join Roy Varghese, NOAA Fisheries CIO, as he shares insights from his trek to Everest Base Camp as a metaphor for the agency’s digital transformation journey, showing that technology is only one part of the preparation for the climb. Listen in to learn more on this topic and how Fisheries is pursuing a three-pronged approach focused on their organization, infrastructure, and workforce to prepare the agency for the rapid adoption of cloud native solutions to advance mission needs.


Roy Varghese, ACIO
NOAA Fisheries

Douglas James, Director

Delivering Value to Customers– NetDesign’s Transformation with ScienceLogic

Service providers are constantly looking for ways to grow their business while keeping their margins low. This often requires simplifying tools and speeding up projects to scale to meet the needs of both new and existing customers. You will hear how NetDesign, a market leader in Denmark, transformed their managed services business to overcome poor client infrastructure visibility, the costs of multiple tools and manual efforts, and most importantly, missed customer service levels.


The ScienceLogic Roadmap for your AIOps Journey

The term AIOps has gained prominence in the industry over the last year.  Vendors from all different corners of the ITOM universe have begun to market their offerings as AIOps solutions. But what does that mean exactly? More importantly, what are the key use cases that AIOps enables? And what are the tangible, real-world benefits that customers should expect to receive? In this session, Michael Nappi, ScienceLogic CPO, will discuss these topics as well outline roadmap priorities into 2021.


Michael Nappi, CPO