2020 Agenda Topics

The SL1 Platform Architecture is Evolving. Are You Ready?   

Over the past two years the architecture underpinning SL1 has evolved from the lab to the production floor. SL1 can now be extended to support advanced application visibility and vast scalability with its new containerized architecture. This track will discuss how SL1 can extend to support the most advanced technologies that IT organizations are deploying today 

Automating the IT Ecosystem  

Integration and automation in IT go hand in hand. The comprehensive IT ecosystem requires companies to adopt best of breed solutions across your technology base–which poses a significant integration challenge in order for automation to deliver business results. This track will show how your organization can unify your IT ecosystem around a clean data lake and avoid creating islands of disparate data that inhibit successful automation. 

Succeeding with AIOps 

As your business transitions to a digital model, the tools you use in IT need to change to support that transition. AIOps offers the promise of IT decision-making at machine speed to help organizations ‘go digital’. The AIOps track at Symposium will discuss how you can navigate your journey to successful AIOps adoption.   

Ensuring Application Health in a Complex Environment 

Applications have become an integral part of doing business today. And since applications live in an increasingly complex, multi-cloud environment, keeping your applications healthy has never been so important. Application management aims to holistically manage the relationships between each IT component and application that work together to impact the over-arching business services. 

Getting the Most Out of SL1 

Discover tips, tricks, and best practices to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment in our SL1 AIOps platform. Learn how to leverage ML-driven automation to accelerate MTTR and business success. Dive deep into technologies like dashboards, reporting, integrations, and PowerPacks.