So You Bought a Rolls Royce. Are You Driving It Like a Kia?

This session is a case study in how to realize the full value of SL1. It’s a story about an MSP who bought SL1 – thinking that if they bought a Rolls Royce, it would magically create operational effectiveness. If you’re like them, you may not realize that without integrating SL1 into your management processes, you risk continuing to operate like a Kia. Join this session, to hear from the Enablis CEO as he walks through his journey of transforming their IT operations into a smoothly running Rolls Royce engine. 

In this session you will: 

  • Understand how Enablis identified the operational problems impacting their business 

  • Witness how Enablis partnered with ScienceLogic to unlock the intrinsic value of SL1 and address these problems  

  • Quantify the impact and opportunity costs of the status quo 

  • Realize the best practice building blocks for establishing a strategy and plan 

  • Identify key metrics to measure success 

Jon Evans Richard Childs Tare Wright
Automating the IT Ecosystem
1:45 PM - 2:30 PM (EDT)