NetDesign Case Study: How to Achieve 80% Automation for Ticketing and Routing (Clone)

As customer demands and competitor’s’ responses continue to accelerate, businesses must also change faster. Leading IT teams are investing in IT process and workflow automation to redirect IT staff from routine manual activities to resolve incidents faster and enable IT to respond faster to changes in the market and seize new business opportunities. Join this session to learn how NetDesign, a market leading managed service provider in Denmark, is partnering with ScienceLogic as they pursue a continuous improvement strategy to make their IT processes fast, efficient, and automated. 

In this session, you will: 

  • Learn why and how NetDesign implemented a strategy for continuous improvement to drive better business and customer outcomes 

  • See outcomes NetDesign has achieved in the last year by leveraging SL1 Workflow Automation and the SL1 Automation Library to diagnose and resolve incidents faster  

  • Understand Next Steps and Lessons learned 

  • Hear how ScienceLogic is supporting NetDesign’s transformation to managed services 

  • Explore what’s new and coming in the SL1 Automation Library of best practices for troubleshooting and remediation and how you can use it 

Benjamin Leyland Douglas James (DJ)
Automating the IT Ecosystem
9:15 AM - 10:00 AM (EDT)