Size, Monitor, and Tune SL1 to Keep Your Monitoring Environment Purring

Often at times we buy tools with infinite promise and fully validated business justifications. And yet, very few times do we truly capitalized on the full promise of these tools. The reasons are plenty, which include product onboarding, training, workforce transitions, business priority changes, and more. In this session, ScienceLogic product experts discuss available tools that you can start using—from initial sizing to monitoring and tuning—to get the maximum benefits from your investments in SL1.    

In this session, you will learn about new tools to help you: 

  • Size your SL1 deployment properly 

  • Monitor the real-time availability and performance of your SL1 environment   

  • Tune your SL1 configuration for optimal performance and measure the outcomes  

Jonathan Chivers John Proctor John Willsey
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