Learn how to use Business Services to communicate service Health and identify/resolve critical performance degradations and Machine Learning (ML) to Accelerate Root Cause Analysis

Combined Demo.
Business Services provides a flexible and powerful mechanism that adapts to your business needs while combining the power of Machine Learning and Topological Analysis. Attend this demo to see how Business Services can communicate Service Health to your business and can dramatically improve your ability to identify and solve critical performance degradations.
Machine Learning is a powerful technique that can aid the analysis of IT operational data. Visit this Kiosk to see the newest developments in ScienceLogic’s AI Engine. Learn how ML has been leveraged in an automated framework to provide immediate value without requiring you to become a Data Scientist. Discover how ML has also been layered with topological analysis to provide Behavioral Service Correlation.

Josh Borders
Hybrid Cloud Monitoring
8:30 AM - 9:00 AM (EDT)