3 IT Workflow Automation Use Cases to Turbocharge Your Business

Digital transformation has made IT the launch pad for business growth. Automation enables a connected IT ecosystem that can accelerate digital transformation and make IT a competitive advantage for your business.  ScienceLogic helps you automate manual, routine IT processes and workflows, so you and your team can spend more time on strategic initiatives. Join this session to learn 3 examples of how ScienceLogic SL1 PowerFlow enables you to automatically connect your IT systems and platforms with a low-code model geared for IT Professionals. Automation productivity at your fingertips!  

In this session, you will learn: 

  • How SL1 bridges processes and data flows across your ecosystem 

  • How you can automate ticketing, troubleshooting, and remediation workflows when network configuration issues occur 

  • How Telstra is automating and provisioning across two datacenters with SL1 and Ansible 

  • How you can initiate and manage workflow notifications with SL1 and PagerDuty 

  • What’s on the roadmap for IT workflow automation 

Benjamin Leyland Nagender Vedula Robert Gruener
Automating the IT Ecosystem
1:45 PM - 2:30 PM (EDT)