When Something Breaks – How Do You Assess Service Impact And Isolate Root Cause?

The complexity of today’s modern IT technology stack is forcing successful organizations to adopt a modern and intelligent approach to service impact and root cause analysis (RCA). Behavioral Correlation helps IT operations teams shift from device-centric to service-centric management. Further, it allows the application of machine learning to assess service impact and isolate root cause to proactively avoid service-impacting outages—advancing you on your journey to AIOps. Join this session to learn how ScienceLogic can help you make that shift. 

In this session, you will gain insight into how SL1 leverages machine learning and service topology to: 

  • Find hidden performance issues (anomalies) at scale 

  • Correlate events and anomalies to mitigate real-time service impact 

  • Accelerate root-cause analysis 

  • Recommend actions for operators to respond to issues 

Russell Elsner
Device-centric to Service-centric Management
1:00 PM - 1:45 PM (EDT)