Build Products Customers Love—Turn Customers into Partners
Philip Maynard

ScienceLogic has pivoted to better align product development teams with customers to drive deep empathy and continuous improvement throughout the customer lifecycle. This session introduces two new programs that ScienceLogic is rolling out to support these goals:  

  1. The End-to-End Validation Program leverages agile methodology to validate use cases against a variety of simulated environments and architectures to deliver on the promise of robustness and scale. 
  2. The Customer Engagement Program fosters design and validation partnerships with participating customers—from product features and use cases to IT topologies, to ensure that our solutions truly solve customer problems. 

In this session, you will: 

  • Learn how ScienceLogic plans to ensure product quality and scale using customer-centric product development methodologies. 
  • Understand how ScienceLogic is partnering with customers to design and test relevant use cases against a wide range of environment topologies and scenarios. 
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