Supercharge SL1 for Global Scale: From 0 to 20K Devices in 9 Months
Teppo Tähkäpää Ben Suurmeijer

Learn how Telia Cygate built an automated hybrid monitoring environment in 9 months that supports legacy and modern infrastructure spanning all continents. Teppo Tähkäpää will share Telia Cygate’s Production 2.0 approach, including current and planned automations and integrations. You will learn strategies and execution models applied to onboard an additional 80K devices with SL1. Leave this session armed with tips, tricks, and strategies for supercharging your own SL1. 

In this session you will: 

  • Understand how Telia Cygate is building a fully automated SL1 system in a demanding MSP environment 
  • Learn which automations and integrations they’ve implemented and why 
  • Hear lessons learned, pitfalls, and quick wins 
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